2018 Fall Schedule of Courses

The 2018 Fall Schedule of Courses for Medical Physics has been released:

2018 Fall Schedule

  • ENU 6657: Diagnostic Physics I, Drs Rill/Leon/Arreola: 9:30AM -10:30AM Tue/Wed/Thu (G-101)
  • BME 6535: Radiological Physics, Dr Bolch: 11:45AM -12:35PM Mon/Wed/Fri (CHE 0316)
  • BME 6533: Radiological Anatomy, Drs Rajderkar/Rees/Thoburn/Verma: 1:00PM -2:30PM Wed/Thu (C2-33)
  • ENU 5658: Imaging Systems Analysis, Dr Gilland: 2:00PM-3:15PM Tue/Thu (C2-33)
  • BME 6592: Therapeutic Radiological Physics II, Dr Lu: 3:00PM – 6:00PM Wed (TBA)
  • ENU 5626: Radiation Biology, Drs Barreto/Schwarz; 3:30PM -4:45PM Tue/Thu (C2-33)