Dr Schwarz – ABR Certification

BC Schwarz, PhD; DIMPR Resident

Congratulations to Dr BC Schwarz, Assistant Professor, who has been awarded American Board of Radiology (ABR) board certification after successfully passing the oral exam (Part 3) in Tucson, Arizona in early May.

Dr Schwarz’ achievement is a wonderful reflection of his hard work and dedication to the medical physics specialty. It is also a fantastic testament to the academic vigor and vitality of the University of Florida, considering that he was awarded his undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and completed residency here at the University of Florida.

Since joining the faculty in January 2019, Dr Schwarz has already heavily vested himself into the department and is providing outstanding resident and graduate education experiences and supervision. He has assumed multiple teaching assignments, to include teaching both graduate level and resident courses. He also serves as a guest lecturer for several courses and frequently assists other faculty with demo labs for students. Dr Schwarz has also taken on an active role in the supervision of both MS and PhD students. In addition, Dr Schwarz is involved in several clinical projects, many of which have resulted in presentations and publications. He is currently focused on research endeavors that pertain to cardiology and interventional fluoroscopy, which may lead to multiple funding opportunities.

We are extremely proud of Dr Schwarz and look forward to his continued accomplishments and contributions to the College of Medicine, the Department of Radiology, the Division of Medical Physics, the Medical Physics Graduate Program, the Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program, and to the overall discipline of medical physics.