Undergraduate Internship Program – Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Internship Program

Please join us in celebrating the completion of the first semester of the Medical Physics Undergraduate Internship Program!

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Interns

  • Jessica Dominici
  • Cheima Hicheri
  • Lianna Mulet
  • Cindy McCabe

Under the leadership of Dr Izabella Barreto, Assistant Professor, the interns were able to gain an understanding of the role of a medical physicist and the importance of QC in a hospital setting.

To conclude the semester, each intern gave a ten minute presentation to share their clinical observations. These outstanding presentations included background on the physics behind the modalities, interesting things learned from shadowing researchers, physicians, and technologists, as well as observations in radiation safety and protection. The interns also noted that the internship helped put their current classes into perspective.

Special thanks to the PhD mentors (Nathalie Correa, Anahita Heshmat, Catherine Olguin, Zahra Razi) and to the technologists, who were all very friendly, helpful, and educational!

We look forward to the future success of our first group of interns and are confident that they will excel in their academic careers.