Advisory Board

We are excited to announce that we have re-established a UF Medical Physics Graduate Program Advisory Board. As the program continues to establish itself as one of the premier Medical Physics graduate programs in the country, advice and support from our alumni will be essential in ensuring positive growth and development. We are honored to introduce our inaugural board members:

UF Medical Physics Advisory Board

Lindsey K Berkowitz, PhD
Director of Imaging Physics
Maine Medical Center
UF MS 2007/UF PhD 2009

Priscilla F Butler, MS
Senior Director and Medical Physicist (Retired)
American College of Radiology
UF MS 1976

Thomas Griglock, PhD
Chief Diagnostic Imaging Physicist and Associate Professor
Oregon Health and Science University
UF MS 2009/UF PhD 2012

David E Hintenlang, PhD
Chief of Medical Physics
The Ohio State University
UF MP Program Director 2000-2016

Kathleen M Hintenlang, PhD
Medical Physicist
The Ohio State University
UF MS 1990/UF PhD 1998

Sanford L Meeks, PhD
Director of Radiation Physics
UF Cancer Center at Orlando Health
UF PhD 1994

Marlene H P McKetty, PhD
Chief Physicist and Assistant Professor (Retired)
Howard University Hospital
UF MS 1975/ UF PhD 1978

Richard L Morin, PhD
Brooks-Hollern Professor Emeritus
Mayo Clinic Florida
UF MS 1973

Kenneth N Vanek, PhD (Lieutenant Colonel – USAF, Retired)
Professor Emeritus
Medical University of South Carolina
UF PhD 1976