Virtual Demo Labs!

One of the favorite elements of our Diagnostic Physics I course (ENU 6657) with Dr Lynn Rill, Assistant Professor, has always been the hands-on demonstration lab, which takes place in the x-ray room with phantoms, radiation meters, images and graduate student participation.

This year, the course is being taught entirely online, and we developed a way to hold the demonstration labs virtually! With the help of two of the physics residents (Drs Shankar and Brown), two laptops, a cell phone, and a zoom meeting room, we brought the x-ray room to the students!

Virtual Demo Lab 2 was held last Tuesday. Students observed the experimental setup, made adjustments to techniques, made predictions about expected results, evaluated image quality, and filled in a lab worksheet at home. We plan to hold 6 virtual demonstration labs this semester to illustrate the imaging physics concepts that we teach in the Diagnostic Physic I course.

We’re excited about the development of our new virtual demonstration labs and look forward to continued virtual enhancements!