UF/UAM Medical Physics Course & Symposium

The University of Florida Division of Medical Physics is proud to announce our second collaboration with the Medical Physic Graduate Program at the Metropolitan University in Mexico City.

Our recent collaboration encompasses a virtual two-day course on Thursday, February 18 and Friday, February 19, followed by an all day symposium on Saturday, February 20. Topics will span the medical physics spectrum, to include X-Ray Imaging, MRI, Mammography, Dual Energy, CT, Radiotherapy, and much more!

All sessions will be conducted live, in Spanish, via Zoom. Students from across Mexico and South America are invited to attend.

Participants from the University of Florida include:

  • Manuel Arreola, PhD
  • Izabella Barreto, PhD
  • Edmond Olguin, PhD
  • Catherine Olguin, Graduate Student
  • Nathalie Correa, Graduate Student

Participants from the Metropolitan University include:

  • Silvia Hidalgo, PhD
  • Enrique Gaona, PhD
  • Juan Azorin, PhD
  • Elsa Leon, PhD
  • Miguel Rodriguez Ponce, Graduate Student
  • Marlene Peruyero, Graduate Student

Please access the flyers below for more information. To register, please access the Registration Link.

Access to the symposium via Zoom has filled to capacity. Additional attendees can login to Facebook to access the live presentations via the following link: Symposium Access via Facebook