Fond Farewell – Dr Edmond Olguin, DIMPR Resident

Edmond Olguin; Student

UF Medical Physics bids a fond farewell to our graduating DIMPR Resident Dr Edmond Olguin, who has accepted a position in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr Olguin was an incredible resident, and the first to complete our additional year of nuclear medicine training. During his residency, Dr Olguin focused on the development of a novel imaging algorithm for fluoroscopic procedures known as Statistical Pixel Angiograph (SPA). This algorithm is an alternative to digital subtraction angiography (DSA), with improved contrast and a potential for dose reduction. His other efforts centered around evaluating a new CT model-based iterative reconstruction algorithm using the modulation transfer function. Dr Olguin’s PhD work included pediatric CT dosimetry, nuclear medicine dosimetry, and the development of novel proton tissue-equivalent materials.

UF Medical Physics celebrated Dr Olguin’s graduation with a wonderful dinner at Blue Gill!