2021 Virtual AAPM Meeting


The University of Florida Medical Physics Graduate Program was well represented at the 2021 Virtual AAPM meeting:

  • MS Student Steven Thompson presented a poster titled “Monte Carlo Modeling of Proton Portal Imaging System Using In Vivo Generated Neutrons“.
  • Dr Stephanie Leon, Assistant Professor, presented a poster titled “‘Focused’ CT: A Reconstruction Algorithm Permitting Radiation Dose Reduction for Region-of-Interest Viewing” and gave a presentation titled “Career Preparation for Graduate Students: Preliminary Evaluation of an Introductory Course of the Profession of Medical Physics
  • PhD Student Camilo Correa presented a poster titled “Developing Internal Liver Vascular Models for Radiation Therapy Assessment of Dose to Circulating Lymphocytes“.
  • PhD Student Nathalie Correa presented a poster titled “Half-Value Layer at Different Positions in Wide-Beam CT Scanners“.
  • PhD Student Anahita Heshmat presented a poster titled “Evaluating Motion Correction in a Commercial Subtraction CT Registration Algorithm“.
  • PhD Student Colin Schaeffer presented a seminar titled “Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging” in a session of the same name, that he & Dr Stephanie Leon also moderated.
  • MS Student Steven Thompson presented a poster titled “A Feasibility Study of Proton Beam Dosimetry Using Cerenkov Radiation“.
  • PhD Student Wen-Chih Tseng gave an oral presentation titled “Polar Coordinate Based Pencil Beam Dose Calculation Algorithm for VMAT“.
  • Dr Izabella Barreto, Assistant Professor, gave three presentations: Medical Physics Leadership Academy Professional Symposium: “Your Technical Skills Won’t Get You There: Identifying Vital Skills to Thrive in Your Career“; AAPM Education Council Symposia: It only took a pandemic: Engaging online students with active learning strategies; and SAM Imaging Educational Course: You Spin Me Right Round: Approaches to Measuring CT Dose in Helical Modes“.