IAEA Program on Remote & Automated QC in Radiography & Mammography

Manuel Arreola, PhD; Program Director
Zahra Razi; Student

Congratulations to Dr Manuel Arreola, Vice Chair of Medical Physics, and Zahra Razi, Medical Physics Graduate Program PhD Student, on their contributions to the publication of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Program on Remote and Automated QC in Radiography and Mammography.

This publication is the result of a three-year international Coordinated Research Project by the IAEA, which was spearheaded by Dr Arreola and others during his three-month stay at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna in 2017. The project will now move to Phase 2, with implementation of the initial pilot study in ten sites worldwide. UF Radiology and the IAEA have signed an agreement for Dr Arreola to continue participating in the project for the next three years.

The publication’s companion paper “The IAEA Remote and Automated Quality Control Methodology for Radiography and Mammography” by Mora, Pfeiffer, Zang, Bosmans, Delis, Razi, Arreola and Tsapakis, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinically Applied Medical Physics (JCAMP). The paper includes the crucial work done by Zahra Razi in the clinical implementation of the methodology.

IAEA Publication