Congratulations to PhD students Colin Schaeffer and Megan Glassell, who won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively (along with 1st place winner Joseph Weygand, a resident at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa), during the Student Presentation at the Spring 2022 meeting of the Florida Chapter of the American American Association of Physicists in Medicine (FLAAPM) in Orlando!

  • Colin Schaeffer presented: “Spectra Optimization and Material Comparison for Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography using CdTe and GaAs Photon Counting-Detectors
  • Megan Glassell presented “Validation of Peak Skin Dose Calculator using an OSL Dosimeter Array

UF Medical Physics was well-represented by our faculty, residents, and students, many of whom gave excellent presentations:

  • Dr Stephanie Leon, Assistant Professor, presented: “The Helical CTDI: How, When and Why?
  • Dr Frank Bova, Professor, presented: “Diagnostic and Therapeutic Physics: The Line is Disappearing
  • Camilo Correa, PhD Candidate, presented “Development of intra-brain vascular models within the Mesh-Type Adult Reference Phantom for Dose Assessments in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
  • Ana Heshmat, PhD Candidate, presented “Contrast Thresholds for Detection of Various Iodine Concentrations in Subtraction CT and Dual Energy CT Systems
  • TJ Moretti, PhD Student, presented “Automated Assessment of PET Image Quality via the NEMA IEC Body Phantom
  • Wen-Chih Tseng, PhD Student, presented “A Fast Deep-learning-based Dose Calculator for Prostate VMAT via Knowledge Distillation
  • Jingxi Weng, PhD Student, presented “Deep Learning Based Cine-MRI Image Prediction in the Abdomen

In addition to attending sessions and presenting abstracts, our faculty, students, and residents were able to enjoy quality time with each other!