2022 AAPM – Abstracts Accepted

Congratulations to UF Medical Physics faculty, residents, and students, whose abstracts were accepted for presentation at the 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) in Washington, DC, from July 10 – 14, 2022. An impressive total of 21 abstracts were accepted!

  • Dr Mercy Akerele, Resident: “Local Diagnostic Reference Levels in Digital Radiography Examinations Based on Patient Thickness and Age”; Oral presentation.
  • Dr Justin Brown, Resident: “3D Mammography”; Oral presentation & moderating session.
  • Jared Baggett, MS Student: “The UF-MSK Computational Phantom Library for Medical Dosimetry: Pediatric Males and Females”; Poster presentation.
  • Camilo Correa, PhD Candidate: “Intra-Brain Vascular Models Within the Adult Mesh-Type Reference Phantoms for Applications to External Beam Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry”; Oral presentation.
  • Nathalie Correa, PhD Candidate: (2) – “Direct Dose Measurements Comparing Single-Energy and Dual-Energy Head CT Scans”; Poster presentation. AND “The Effect of Beam Overlapping in Dual-Energy Volume CT Scans and Single-Energy Helical Scans” Poster presentation.
  • Bobby Dawson, MS Student: “The UF-MSK Computational Phantom Library for Medical Dosimetry: Adult Males and Females”; Oral presentation.
  • Sean Domal, PhD Candidate: (2) – “A computed tomography (CT) organ dose library for pregnant females of varying body size and fetuses of varying gestational age”; Oral presentation. AND “Assessment of Fetal Dose During Breast Radiotherapy using a 3DCRT, IMRT, and Proton PBS Approach”; Poster presentation.
  • Megan Glassell, PhD Student: “Determining the Contribution of CT to Total Skin Dose for Procedures in a Hybrid CT/Angiography Suite”; Oral presentation.
  • Ana Heshmat, PhD Candidate: “Assessment of Iodine Detection in Dual Energy CT and Subtraction CT”; Poster presentation.
  • Amanda Jackson, PhD Student: “Evaluation of Different Holographic Visualization Techniques for Surface-Guided Patient Alignment Using Mixed Reality (MixR) and the Microsoft Hololens 2”; Poster presentation.
  • Dr Perry Johnson, Faculty: (2) “Expanding Access to SGRT-Based Patient Alignment Using Mixed Reality Visualization”; Poster presentation. AND “Experience and Survey Results from a National Hands-On Workshop on Simulated Error Training for the Physics Plan review”; Oral presentation. *Finalist for Arthur Boyer Award for Innovation in Medical Physics Education
  • TJ Moretti, PhD Student: “Use of Automation in Image Quality Analysis in PET”; Oral presentation.
  • James Perez-Sanchez, PhD Student: “Variational Clustering: Toward Unsupervised Machine Learning-Based Error Detection in Patient-Specific IMRT QA”; Poster presentation.
  • Zahra Razi, PhD Student: “Gd-Doped Gel Phantom Recipe Calculator for 3T MRI”; Poster presentation.
  • Colin Schaeffer, PhD Student: “A novel methodology for assessing material differentiation in dual-energy computed tomography”; Oral presentation.
  • Wen-Chih Tseng, PhD Student: “Towards An Ultra-Fast Deep-Learning-Based Dose Engine for Prostate VMAT Using Knowledge Distillation”; Poster presentation.
  • Jingxi Weng, PhD Student: “Deep Learning Based Cine-MR Image Prediction and Analysis for Abdominal Motion”; Poster presentation.
  • Dr Yawei Zhang, Faculty: “Dosimetric Impacts of Couch Moving Rails On Proton Treatment Using Pencil-Beam Scanning”; Poster presentation.

AAPM 2020 - Dr Akerele
AAPM 2020 - Dr Brown
AAPM 2020 - Jared Baggett
AAPM 2020 - Camilo Correa
AAPM 2020 - Nathalie Correa
AAPM 2020 - Nathalie Correa
AAPM 2020 - Bobby Dawson
AAPM 2020 - Sean Domal
AAPM 2020 - Sean Domal
AAPM 2020 - Megan Glassell
AAPM 2020 - Ana Heshmat
AAPM 2020 - Amanda Jackson
AAPM 2020 - TJ Moretti
AAPM 2020 - James Perez-Sanchez
AAPM 2020 - Colin Schaeffer
AAPM 2020 - Colin Schaeffer
AAPM 2020 - Wen-Chih Tseng
AAPM 2020 - Jingxi Weng
AAPM 2020 - Dr Zhang