4th Annual Symposium on Medical Physics

We are honored to report that our collaboration with the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, for the 4th Annual Symposium on Medical Physics, was an incredible success! Presentations were given live and via Zoom in both Spanish and English (with immediate Spanish translation) to hundreds of participants throughout Latin America!

Participants included UF Medical Physics faculty, alumni, and current students, including:

  • Dr Manuel Arreola, Vice Chair of Medical Physics, UF
  • Dr Izabella Barreto, Assistant Professor, UF
  • Dr Perry Johnson, Associate Professor, UF
  • Dr Wes Bolch, Distinguished Professor, UF
  • Dr Camilo Correa, MD Anderson Cancer Center (Recent PhD Graduate)
  • Dr Nathalie Correa, McGovern Medical School (Recent PhD Graduate)
  • Naipy Perez, UF (Current Professional PhD Student)
  • Dr Kate Hintenlang, Ohio State (PhD Graduate)
  • Dr David Hintenlang, Ohio State (Former Program Director)

It also included Dr Silvia Hidalgo with UAM and Dr Paulo Costa with the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, both of whom were instrumental in assisting us with establishing Memorandum of Understandings with their respective institutions to enable international collaboration and research!

To correspond to Dr Arreola’s intention of highlighting Women in Medical Physics throughout the symposium, the pinnacle of the event took place during the update on the status of women in medical physics, which was followed by a panel discussion with Dr Kate Hintenlang, Dr Izabella Barreto, Dr Silvia Hidalgo, and Dr Elsa Leon (UAM). There was not a dry eye in the audience as this phenomenal group of medical physicists shared their personal journeys.

Special thanks to current MS students Mauricio Garrido and Carlos Colon-Ortiz, who assisted with immediate, live translation of English presentations into Spanish.

We are truly humbled by this international collaboration and look forward to continued outreach.