Morin Fellowship Recipient – Dr Akerele

Mercy Akerele, PhD

Congratulations to Dr Mercy Akerele, 2nd year UF Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Resident, on being awarded the 2023 Richard L Morin, PhD, Fellowship in Medical Physics by the American College of Radiology (ACR)! Dr Akerele and Dr Emily Thompson, with MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, were the recipients of this year’s award and we are so proud of both of them!

The Richard L Morin, PhD, Fellowship in Medical Physics provides one or two medical physics residents the opportunity for hands-on experience with the American College of Radiology. Morin fellows will interact with College staff and gain governance experience at the ACR Annual Meeting. To accommodate this, the fellowship is split into two sessions so that the candidates can participate in a broad range of key activities.

The ACR will reimburse the fellows for travel and living expenses incurred during the ACR Annual Meeting. Fellows will earn a stipend of $500 paid upon publication of an article or completion of a project.

More information about the fellowship can be access via the ACR website: Richard L Morin, PhD, Fellowship in Medical Physics.