ABR Part 3 Nuclear Medicine – Dr Edmond Olguin

Edmond Olguin; Student

Congratulations to Dr Edmond Olguin, UF Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program (UF DIMPR) alumnus, who recently passed Part 3 of the American Board of Radiology (ABR) Nuclear Medicine exam, becoming our first dual-boarded graduate!

Medical Physics Certification signifies that a candidate has met the training requirements by the ABR, thus demonstrating an adequate level of knowledge and ability in medical physics in accordance with the definition in the ABR bylaws, policies, and procedures.

The UF DIMPR program offers an optional third year for residents seeking additional training in nuclear medicine. With the current shortage of nuclear medicine physics residency programs in our country and the nuclear medicine imaging and safety expertise that we have available at the University of Florida, the UF DIMPR program’s optional third year is an attractive opportunity for interested residents.

We are so very proud of Dr Olguin!