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Graduate Program Updates

Assistantships Available

As part of our continued growth and expansion, the University of Florida’s Medical Physics Graduate Program (a concentration under Medical Sciences in the College of Medicine) is currently recruiting MS and PhD students for Fall 2024 admission. Five incoming students will be funded as graduate assistants – three in Diagnostic…

PhD Defense – Doug Goddard

Join us at 10:00AM on Monday, May 13 in C1-003 Communicore for Doug Goddard’s research presentation titled: “Photon Counting Slot Scan Radiographic System Integration for Image Guided Equine Surgery”.

PhD Defense – TJ Moretti

Join us at 2:00PM on Friday, April 12 in CG-56 Communicore for TJ Moretti’s research presentation titled: “Assessment of, and Improvements to, Dosimetric Methods for Yttrium-90 Microsphere Radioembolization Patients for both Imaging and Therapy”.

PhD Defense – Jingxi Weng

Join us at 10:30AM on Thursday, March 28 in the small conference room of the Davis Cancer Pavilion for Jingxi Weng’s research presentation titled: “AI-Based Cine MR Image Prediction Model for Image Guided Radiotherapy”.

MS Research Presentation – Tom Jakubowski

Join us at 10:30AM on Friday, March 29 via Zoom for Tom Jakubowski’s MS research presentation titled: “7T MRI Use in the Characterization and Differentiation of Multiple Sclerosis”.

PhD Proposal – Naipy Perez

Join us at 1:00PM on Monday, April 29 via Zoom for Naipy Perez’s PhD Proposal titled: “Lattice Radiotherapy: A Novel Approach for the treatment of Advanced Cervical cancer: Physics, Biology and Clinical Implementation”.

NIH Grant Awarded – Dr Bolch

Congratulations to Dr Wesley Bolch, Distinguished Professor, and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, on being awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Cancer Institute (NCI) program project grant for $12.9 million to conduct studies into the imaging, dosimetry, and radiobiology of cancer radiopharmaceuticals labeled with…

PhD Proposal – James Perez Sanchez

Join us at 10:00AM on Wednesday, December 13 in Room 1215 of the Davis Cancer Pavilion for James Perez Sanchez’s PhD proposal titled “Deep Learning-Based Structure Segmentation for MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy“. ”.

Spring 2024 Class Schedule

GMS 6052, Medical Radiation Shielding & Protection w/ Drs Leon & Johnson: 9:35AM-10:25AM Mon/Wed/Fri; C2-33 Communicore GMS 6652, Diagnostic Physics II w/ Drs Barreto & Rill: 9:35AM-10:50AM Tue/Thu; C2-33 Communicore (01/16, 02/20, 04/02 in CG-057 Communicore) GMS 6085, Nuclear Medicine Physics w/ Dr Gilland: 11:45AM-1:00PM Tue/Thu; C2-33 Communicore (01/16, 02/20, 04/02 in CG-057…

UF MP Seminar Course – Fall 2023

Please join us at 3:00PM in C1-003 Communicore throughout the Fall 2023 semester for research seminars presented by faculty, residents, and students.