Scholarly Activity
Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program


Local Diagnostic Reference Levels in Digital Radiography Examinations Based on Patient Thickness and Age”; M Akerele, B Schwarz, L Rill; Oral presentation; AAPM Annual Meeting; Washington, DC; July 2022.

3D Mammography”; J Brown, M Radicke, T Patel, R Iordache; Oral presentation. AAPM Annual Meeting; Washington, DC; July 2022.

Monte Carlo simulations and phantom validation of low-dose radiotherapy to the lungs using an interventional radiology C-arm“; D Roa, S Leon, O Paucar, A Gonzales, B Schwarz, E Olguin, V Moskvin, M Alva-Sanchez, M Glassell, N Correa, H Moyses, A Shankar, B Hamrick, G R Sarria, B Li, T Tajima, A Necas, C Guzman, R Challco, M Montoya, Z Meza, M Zapata, A Gonzales, F Marquez, R Neira, W Vilca, J Mendez, J Hernandez; Physica Medica; February 2022; Volume 94, Pages 24-34


Evaluation of the Modulation Transfer Function From a Model-Based and a Statistical-Based Hybrid Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm Using Single-Energy and Dual-Energy CT”; Olguin, Edmond; Oral presentation. AAPM Annual Meeting. July 2020.