Undergraduate Internship Program
Division of Medical Physics

Izabella Barreto, PhD; Faculty

Under the direction of Dr Izabella Barreto, Associate Professor, the Medical Physics Undergraduate Internship Program (MPUI) provides current UF undergraduate students with a one-semester unpaid internship opportunity to maximize their exposure to Medical Physics.

Throughout the semester, students will be engaged in a multitude of activities, to include assisting faculty and graduate assistants with clinical duties and research projects. Opportunities will include:

  • Medical Physics Quality Control Shadowing
  • Radiological Clinical Exam Observations
  • Medical Physics Research Endeavors

Interns will log their activities (4-6 hours required each week) and submit monthly reports, which will be reviewed during one-on-one meetings with the program director.

In the video below, Dr Barreto answers questions commonly asked by students. This video was made in collaboration with the Public Education Committee of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM).

100% 100% of our interns would recommend the program to other applicants.

100% 100% of our interns believe it is a valuable experience for their academic & professional growth.

100% 100% of our interns left the internship with a better understanding of medical physics.

100% 100% of our interns plan on applying to graduate school for medical physics.

100% 100% of our interns agree the program improved their communication & interpersonal skills within a hospital setting.

100% 100% of our interns agree the program provided opportunities to foster teamwork & collaboration.