Undergraduate Internship Program
Division of Medical Physics

Izabella Barreto, PhD; Faculty

Under the direction of Dr Izabella Barreto, Assistant Professor, the Medical Physics Undergraduate Internship Program (MPUI) provides current UF undergraduate students with a one-semester unpaid internship opportunity to maximize their exposure to Medical Physics.

Throughout the semester, students will be engaged in a multitude of activities, to include assisting faculty and graduate assistants with clinical duties and research projects. Opportunities will include:

  • Medical Physics Quality Control Shadowing
  • Radiological Clinical Exam Observations
  • Medical Physics Research Endeavors

Interns will log their activities (4-6 hours required each week) and submit monthly reports, which will be reviewed during one-on-one meetings with the program director.

The internship has been temporarily postponed due to the current status of COVID-19. Please check back for updates, or email Dr Izabella Barreto.

100% 100% of our interns would recommend the program to other applicants.

100% 100% of our interns believe it is a valuable experience for their academic & professional growth.

100% 100% of our interns left the internship with a better understanding of medical physics.

100% 100% of our interns plan on applying to graduate school for medical physics.

100% 100% of our interns agree the program improved their communication & interpersonal skills within a hospital setting.

100% 100% of our interns agree the program provided opportunities to foster teamwork & collaboration.