Lynn Rill, PhD, DABR
Division of Medical Physics

Lynn Rill,, PhD; Faculty

Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Radiological Physics
Director, Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program
Director, Alumni Affairs (Medical Physics)


  • PhD: University of Florida; Gainesville, FL (Nuclear Engineering Sciences/Medical Physics)
  • MS: Wake Forest University; Winston-Salem, NC (Physics)
  • BA: Wake Forest University; Winston-Salem, NC (Physics)

PubMed Profile

Dr Rill, Assistant Professor, specializes in the area of patient skin dose measurements and peak skin dose estimations for fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures, patient dose tracking, and hospital policy development.

Dr Rill is the program director of the Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program, which recently expanded to a three-year program. Under her leadership, the success of the program is evident in the recruitment and employment of our graduates at esteemed institutions across the United States – our residents not only receive multiple competitive offers, but often have a position secured prior to graduation.

Dr Rill also serves as faculty of the Medical Physics Graduate Program, and is the course instructor for Diagnostic Physics I. She serves as a mentor to our students and often assists them with their preparations for applying to residencies.