Catherine Olguin
Division of Medical Physics

Catherine Carranza; Student


  • Orlando, FL


  • MS: Medical Science; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  • BS: Nuclear Engineering; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL

Catherine is a PhD student researching the application of Dual Energy CT in stroke imaging, as well as characterizing the dual energy application of a fleet of CT scanners.

Dual energy CT is capable of differentiating materials based on the photoelectric and Compton Effect interactions that occur at two different energies. By imaging the patient at two energies, material-specific images can be created, such as contrast maps (iodine maps) and virtual non-contrast (VNC) images. Iodine maps suppress blood and enhance residual iodine that may accrue in the brain parenchyma. The virtual non-contrast images suppress iodine content and enhance bleeds that may occur due to ruptured vessels. However, artifacts may present and affect these advanced reconstructions. Catherine’s PhD work will discover how these artifacts affect material differentiation, as well as identifying the limiting iodine concentration and blood content that iodine maps and VNC images respectively detect.

Catherine and her husband Edmond enjoy playing soccer and tennis. You will find them at the dog park with Astro every weekend. Catherine loves arts and crafts as well as going to the springs and traveling.