Nathan Quails
Division of Medical Physics

Nathan Quails; Student


  • Jacksonville, Florida


  • MS: Medical Physics; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  • BS: Physics; University of North Florida; Jacksonville, FL

Nathan is a PhD candidate researching the radiation dose that patients receive to the skin of the head and lens of the eye during fluoroscopically guided neuro-interventions.

This research is accomplished by directly measuring the radiation dose using optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters (OSLD).

Nathan and his committee have developed a novel means of holding the OSLDs to the patient’s skull to improve the accuracy of patient dose monitoring and thus, improve the diagnostic quality of information available to the physician for decision making with regard to patient care for deterministic radiation dose effects.

Nathan is the drummer of “Tamayo”, a multi-genre jam band that plays mostly in the Gainesville area. He is also a polyglot and enjoys conversing with others in various languages including German, Spanish and French.