Zahra Razi
Division of Medical Physics

Zahra Razi; Student


  • Shiraz, Iran


  • MS: Radiation Biology; Shahid Beheshti University; Tehran, Iran
  • BS: Technology of Radiology; Shahid Beheshti University; Tehran, Iran

Zahra recently became a PhD Candidate after successfully proposing her PhD dissertation titled “Development of human brain tissue-equivalent quantitative phantom for 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)”. This research focuses on developing MRI sequences for easier evaluations of brain lesions.

A Fall 2018 graduate from the UF Medical Physics Graduate Program, Zahra’s MS research was focused on evaluating the performance of a remote and automated image quality control tool for digital radiography x-ray systems. Her MS research project was titled “Do’s and Don’ts: Clinical Operation of a Remote Quality-Controlled Program Using an Automated Tool for Image Analysis (ATIA) proposed by IAEA“.

Although Zahra originally joined the program with a non-engineering background, her passion for Medical Physics prevailed.

In her free time, Zahra enjoys spending time with her husband and their sweet baby girl, Sophia. She also likes to workout, and spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, and reading in both Farsi and English.