Program Statistics
Medical Physics Graduate Program

Statistics on admissions and placement of graduates over the past several years is illustrated in the table below. Graduates of the program typically go on to successful careers where they contribute to all specialty areas of medical physics. Recent graduates have had excellent success in obtaining desirable residency positions.

Student Statistics (MS & PhD Programs)’09’10’11’12’13’14’15’16’17*’18’19’20’21’22’23
Number of Applicants104121851038376926636764848646862
Number Offered Admission271925171314181413252723362834
Number Enrolled in Program81310998101111151410181617
Number Graduated201571117991112914891114
Destination of Graduates               
Another Degree Program652665456753255
Still Seeking Position000000000001001
Other (academic positions)210020000001001

*Because of the transition of the program from the College of Engineering to the College of Medicine, the 2017 application period was shortened and delayed