Medical Physics Graduate Program

Please review the application and requirement information listed below before submitting your application.

 Applications for the Fall 2021 semester will be accepted from October 15 to December 15.

UF Graduate Application

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We will accept applications for admission to the Fall 2021 semester (MS & PhD levels) from October 15 to December 15.

Please note that we generally only admit new students in the fall semester. Spring and/or summer admission puts incoming students at a disadvantage due to our progressive curriculum. Students seeking an eligibility review for admission to our program during off-semesters should contact the program, and explicitly outline the request, as well as the reasoning for seeking an off-cycle admission.

The MS degree is a requirement for admission to the PhD program in Medical Physics. Applicants not holding an MS in Medical Physics from a CAMPEP-accredited university should apply to the MS program, regardless of whether the intended goal is a terminal MS degree or continuation to the PhD program.


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for admission to both our MS or PhD program:

  • BS in Engineering or Physics
  • Pre-Professional Courses needed for certification by the American Board of Radiology (ABR)

Candidates for the ABR Part 1 examination are audited to demonstrate that they have the equivalent of a minor in physics. This requires the following:

  • A two‐semester calculus‐based introductory physics course (a total of at least six hours)
  • Three advanced physics courses (at least three hours each). The advanced physics courses should be from the usual advanced physics curriculum. Courses that are primarily related to engineering, chemistry, health, or medical physics are not acceptable. Commonly approved courses are as follows: Electricity and Magnetism; Atomic Physics; Modern Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Optics; Nuclear Physics; Heat and Thermodynamics; Advanced Mechanics. 
  • Three UF courses that satisfy this requirement include: PHY 3101 Introduction to Modern Physics; PHY 3323 Electromagnetism I; Introductory Quantum Mechanics I