Medical Physics Graduate Program

Master’s Curriculum

FallBME 6535 Radiological Physics, Measurements & Dosimetry3Dr Bolch
ENU 5626 Radiation Biology3Drs Barreto/Schwarz
ENU 6657 Diagnostic Physics I3Dr Rill
SpringBME 6591 Therapy Physics I3Dr Lu
ENU 6652 Diagnostic Physics II3Drs Arreola/Barreto
ENU 6659 Nuclear Medicine3Dr Gilland
SummerGMS 5905 Medical Physics Career Preparation1Drs Leon/Schwarz
BME 6533 Radiological Anatomy2Dr Schwarz
BME 6505 Diagnostic Physics III3Dr Arreola
FallENU 5658 Image Systems Analysis 3 Dr Gilland
BME 6592 Therapy Physics II3Therapy Faculty
GMS 5905 Research Methods in Medical Physics2 Dr Leon
GMS 5905 Seminar in Medical Physics1Dr Arreola
SpringENU 6636 Medical Radiation Shielding & Protection3Drs Leon/Johnson
ENU 6623 Radiation Dosimetry or Elective3Dr Bolch/Other
GMS 5905 Seminar in Medical Physics1Dr Arreola
GMS 6910 Master’s Research2Advisor
Total Credits42

PhD Curriculum

Credit Requirements

A minimum of 48 additional credits past the Master’s level, in addition to Graduate School and College of Medicine requirements:

  • GMS 7979 Advanced Research (Pre-PhD Candidacy)
  • GMS 7980 Doctoral Research (Post-PhD Candidacy)
  • Other Graduate Courses (as recommended by a student’s PhD Advisor and or PhD Supervisory Committee)


Course syllabi is available for all of our courses.