Medical Physics Society (SHMPS)
Medical Physics Graduate Program

The Society of Health and Medical Physics (SHMPS) at the University of Florida is an organization for students interested in radiation protection and the medical uses of radiation. The organization’s goal is to promote education in the field, inform members on the professional aspects of the field, plan social events, and create opportunities for community service involvement.

The group’s main activities include Relay for Life, a fundraising event for cancer research, and a dinner at Hope Lodge, where the members of SHMPS prepare and serve dinner to patients residing at Hope Lodge while undergoing treatments.

The majority of students are taking the medical physics curriculum at the University of Florida, but any student is welcome to join.

To join SHMPS, please fill out the Contact Information Form to be added to our mailing list.

Faculty Advisor

  • Wesley Bolch, PhD
Wes Bolch, PhD - Faculty

2024-2025 Officers

  • President: Natalia Carrasco-Rojas
  • Vice President: Julia Withrow
  • Treasurer: Graham Stoddard
  • Public Relations: Stefan Wehmeier
  • Social Activities: Ben Huizenga
2024 SHMPS