Ryan Stephenson
Medical Physics Graduate Program


  • Augusta, GA


  • MS: Medical Sciences; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  • MS: Medical Physics; John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences; South Bend, IN
  • BS: Physics; Augusta University; Augusta, GA

Ryan has been intrigued by nuclear technology since he was a kid. He originally wanted to study nuclear engineering, but after being invited to take a course in nuclear oncology, he became interested in medical physics.

After obtaining his bachelors degree in Physics from Augusta University in Georgia, Ryan worked as a radiological control inspector for the Savannah River Site (SRS).

Ryan’s current research (under Dr Frank Bova) focuses on the Moonshot project. This project, a collaboration between multiple departments, is constructing an X-ray imaging device capable of high contrast diagnostic scans of large animals. These imaging studies require the development of technologies that minimize image degrading scatter radiation from contaminating the detected signal. The device also needs to be capable of providing the most advanced diagnostic x-ray techniques. Ryan’s project focuses on dual energy radiography as a means to enhance the signal difference between different tissues. The x-ray generator that was incorporated in the initial scanner design is not capable of rapid high energy voltage switching. To mimic this function repeat scans will be obtained at different voltages, images correlated (fused) and subtracted. The diagnostic enhancement in front and hind limbs, vertebral region and pelvic regions will be evaluated. 

Ryan enjoys working out daily and training for obstacle course races. He also enjoys reading and taking his dog to the park.