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MS Presentation – Ryan Stephenson

Please join us for Ryan Stephenson’s MS Presentation (Dual Energy Subtraction Radiography Utilizing Photon Counting Detector in Large Animal Imaging) at 2:00PM on Monday, July 11 in CG-56, Communicore.

MS Presentation – Matthew Frain

Please join us for Matthew Frain’s MS Presentation (Development of Murine Model of Laser Interstitial Thermotherapy for Brain Tumors) at 1PM on Monday, July 11 in CG-56, Communicore.

MS Presentation – Doug Goddard

Please join us for Doug Goddard’s MS Presentation (DICOM Creation for Research Modalities) at 12:00PM on Monday, July 11 in CG-56, Communicore.

2022 UF Medical Physics Alumni Meetup!

UF Medical Physics is excited to attend this year’s AAPM meeting in Washington, DC! We’ve scheduled a UF Alumni Meetup to coincide! Join us at 6:00PM on Tuesday, July 12 at Calico, where we’ll be gathered on the outdoor patio. The AAPM Night Out is also scheduled on Tuesday,…

2022 Graduation Celebration – Dr Alok Shankar

Best wishes to our 2022 Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program graduate: Dr Alok Shankar! Dr Shankar is headed to Los Angeles, California, where he has accepted a position at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Special thanks to everyone who joined us at Blue Gill for Dr Shankar’s graduation celebration!…

AAPM 2022 Residency Fair

Mark your calendars: the UF Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program (DIMPR) is participating in the AAPM 2022 Residency Fair beginning at 3PM on Sunday, July 10. We look forward to connecting with you!…

MS Presentation – LT Ronnie Bolden

Please join us for Lieutenant Ronnie Bolden’s MS Presentation (A Phase I Histology-based 3D Microscale Model of the Renal Cortical Labyrinth for the Study of Alpha Particle Radiopharmaceutical Therapy) at 1PM on Wednesday, June 22 via Zoom.

PhD Proposal – Wen-Chih Tseng

Please join us at 1:00PM on Tuesday, July 5 in Room 1215 of the Davis Cancer Center for Wen-Chih Tseng’s PhD Proposal titled “Dose Calculation Strategies Toward a More Accurate and Efficient Treatment Planning for Modern Radiotherapy”.

PhD Proposal – Megan Glassell

Please join us at 9:00AM on Monday, June 27 in C1-017 (Communicore) for Megan Glassell’s PhD Proposal titled “Evaluating Patient Skin Dose and Physician Dose in a Hybrid CT/Angiography Suite“.

Collaboration with USP!

The Division of Medical Physics is proud to announce our continued effort to improve the health of others through the advancement of the science of Medical Physics. Dr Manuel Arreola, Vice Chair of Medical Physics at the University of Florida, and Dr Paulo Costa with the University of Sao…