Program History
Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program

UF Stock Photo, Century Tower

As early as 1986, graduate students in the UF Medical Physics Graduate Program began working as graduate assistants in clinical diagnostic physics under the direction and supervision of the lead diagnostic radiological physicist at the UF Health Science Center. Numerous students since that time have graduated and become professionals in diagnostic medical physics around the United States.

Planning for the Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program (DIMPR) began in 2009. The DIMPR program was approved by the Office of Graduate Medical Education in the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, who requires that DIMPR residents have PhD degrees in order to be hired as Adjunct Clinical Post-Doctoral Associates. This appointment entitles DIMPR residents to a three-year contract and provides them with the same salary structure, fringe benefits (including vacation and health insurance), and the same orientation program as all medical residents.

In February 2019, the UF Office of Graduate Medical Education approved our request to increase the duration of the program from two years to three years, which became effective on July 1, 2019.