UF Medical physics

Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of others through the advancement of the science of Medical Physics by implementing principles, methods, and techniques (in practice and in research) for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases.

Division of Medical Physics

Providing clinical support, research, and education throughout UF Health to ensure optimal treatment for our patients, all with an unrelenting emphasis on safety and minimal use concepts.

Division of Medical Physics Faculty

Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency Program

Our CAMPEP-accredited residency program encompasses a three-year imaging/nuclear medicine residency that leads to ABR board certification.

Dr Justin Brown, DIMPR Resident

Medical Physics Graduate Program

Our CAMPEP-accredited graduate program offers MS and PhD degrees that lead to successful careers in Medical Physics.

Medical Physics Graduate Program Faculty

Division updates

3rd Annual UF/UAM Medical Physics Course …

We are excited to announce the 3rd Annual University of Florida / Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) Medical Physics Course and Symposium…

UF/UAM 3rd Annual Medical Physics Course & Symposium

UF Physics Colloquium – Seminar by Dr Barreto

Dr Izabella Barreto, Assistant Professor and Director of the Medical Physics Undergraduate Internship Program, will be presenting as part of the UF…

Seminar Announcement - Dr Izabella Barreto

Alumni Job Connection – RBOI in Ocala, FL

One of our graduates (Kevin Kalbaugh – MS 1982) has notified us of an available position (for a therapeutic medical physicist) at the Robert…

Clip Art, Jobs Search

residency program Updates

ABR Oral Exam, Part 3 – Dr Edmond Olguin

Congratulations to Dr Edmond Olguin, who recently passed Part 3 of the American Board of Radiology (ABR) exam! Dr Olguin is a graduate of the UF…

Edmond Olguin; Student

Fond Farewell – Dr Edmond Olguin, DIMPR Resident

UF Medical Physics bids a fond farewell to our graduating DIMPR Resident Dr Edmond Olguin, who has accepted a position in Boston, Massachusetts…

2021 Olguin Graduation Compilation

ABR Oral Exam, Part 3 – Dr Zhongwei Zhang

Congratulations to Dr Zhongwei Zhang, Assistant Professor at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, who recently passed Part 3 of the American…

Zhongwei Zhang, MD, PhD; DIMPR Resident

graduate program updates

Research Highlight – Colin Schaeffer

Congratulations to UF Medical Physics PhD student Colin Schaeffer, whose abstract was selected for oral presentation at the Physics of Medical…

Colin Schaeffer, PhD Student

SHMPS Medical Physics Alumni Spotlight

The University of Florida Society of Health and Medical Physics Students (SHMPS) is launching a new series titled: “University of Florida Medical…

SHMPS Alumni Workshop

UF MP Seminar Course – Fall 2021

The UF Medical Physics Graduate Program is excited to add a Graduate Seminar in Medical Physics to our Spring and Fall course schedules. In…

Fall 2021 Seminar in Medical Physics - Ms Butler