Bonnie President
Medical Physics Graduate Program

Bonnie President, Student


  • St Lucia, West Indies


  • MS: Medical Physics; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  • BS: Nuclear Engineering; University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
  • BS: Applied Mathematics; University of the Virgin Islands; St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Bonnie became interested in Medical Physics during her Sophomore year in college when choosing an engineering discipline as part of a dual-degree program between UF and the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). As a MS student, Bonnie researched alpha particle doses to the lacrimal glands and the various sub-regions of the brain.

Medical Physics allows Bonnie to pursue a career in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in both pediatric and adult patients. Research done in this field could pave the way for safer and more efficient radiative procedures in the future.

Originally from St Lucia, where the cancer mortality is very high and treatment resources are sparse, Bonnie plans to create an avenue for future generations to minimize this medical deficiency.

An avid book reader, Bonnie also enjoys travelling.